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Scientific Publications

Dynamic biological adhesion: mechanisms for controlling attachment during locomotion.

Venus flytrap trigger hairs are micronewton mechano-sensors that can detect small insect prey.

Shear-sensitive adhesion enables size-independent adhesive performance in stick insects.

Effect of Architecture of Thermosresponsive Copolymer Brushes on Switching of Their Adsorption Properties.

Thermoresponsive Complex Coacervate‐Based Underwater Adhesive

Marco Dompé, Francisco J. Cedano‐Serrano, Olaf Heckert, Nicoline van den Heuvel, Jasper van der Gucht, Yvette Tran, Dominique Hourdet, Costantino Creton, Marleen Kamperman

Monitoring the Contact Stress Distribution of Gecko-Inspired Adhesives Using Mechano-Sensitive Surface Coatings

Jens W. Neubauer, Longjian Xue, Johann Erath, Dirk-M. Drotlef, Aránzazu del Campo, Andreas Fery

Mechanically Reinforced Catechol-Containing Hydrogels with Improved Tissue Gluing Performance

Jun Feng, Xuan-Anh Ton, Shifang Zhao, Julieta Paez, Aránzazu del Campo

Hybrid Surface Patterns Mimicking the Design of the Adhesive Toe Pad of Tree Frog

Longjian Xue, Belén Sanz, Aoyi Luo, Kevin T. Turner, Xin Wang, Di Tan, Rui Zhang, Hang Du, Martin Steinhart, Carmen Mijangos, Markus Guttmann, Michael Kappl, Aránzazu del Campo

Coatings preventing insect adhesion: An overview

Aurélie Féat, Walter Federle, Marleen Kamperman, Jasper van der Gucht

Slippery paints: Eco-friendly coatings that cause ants to slip

Aurélie Féat, Walter Federle, Marleen Kamperman, Martin Murray, Jasper van der Gucht, Philip Taylor

Strong Wet and Dry Adhesion by Cupped Microstructures

Yue Wang, Victor Kang, Eduard Arzt, Walter Federle, René Hensel

Effect of pH and Molecular Length on the Structure and Dynamics of Short Poly(acrylic acid) in Dilute Solution: Detailed Molecular Dynamics Study

Dimitris G. Mintis, Vlasis G. Mavrantzas

From Molecular Electrostatic Interactions and Hydrogel Architecture to Macroscopic Underwater Adherence

Francisco J. Cedano-Serrano, Ugo Sidoli, Alla Synytska, Yvette Tran, Dominique Hourdet, Costantino Creton

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