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Deliverables (Public Dissemination Level)

D1.1 Developed strategies for switchable adhesion based on responsive polymeric thin films
D1.2 Development of polymer synthetic systems able to undergo hardening via complex coacervation
D2.1 The developed set ups based on shaft-loaded blister test and peel test setup
D3.1- The mechanism of contact formation on wet substrates in limpets
D3.5-MD and MC methods for the atomistic simulation of phase behavior and structure of responsive polymer or polypeptide layers
D4.1 Report on organization of Training Schools
D4.2 Report on Personal Career Development Plan

D4.3 Report on Dutch and German Network event

D4.4 Annual Report on the progress of PhD Thesis

D5.1 Public Website and BioSmartTrainee Logo

D5.2- Provision of Promotional Materials

D5.3 BioSmartTrainee Newsletter