Teleconference (May 2016)

17 th May 2016, 9 am – 11 am (CET)



Welcome of participants
Alla Synytska, Scientific project leader
Sandra Martinka, EU-Project manager


Contractual and financial issues, IAB, Reporting (WP 6)
Sandra Martinka, EU-Project manager


Status of the Recruitment of ESR fellows or running ESR project (WP 4)
Every partner + introduction from the coordinator


Training School 1 (WP 4)
Final program: Aranzazu del Campo (5 min)
Confirmation/ discussion between the partners (10 min)
Travel information: Vlasis Mavrantzas (5 min)


Discussion about Training School 2 at IPF Dresden (WP 4)
Alla Synytska, Scientific project leader (5 min)
Discussion between the partners (15 min)

10:45- 10:50

Decisions of the Coordination Groups and Executive Committee


Conclusions and upcoming steps

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